Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Helpers (Embodied in Love and Night)

Tonight I was visited
Like Scrooge
By three ghosts, not yet dead...

Their words appeared
Like apparitions
Upon a pixel wall...

Before I questioned,
Like a constant questing king
And maybe tomorrow I'll question again...

But for today
Like a hardworking man in his sleep
I am content and I rest happy

The strange things they said to me,
Like "Thanks for being a good friend"
And "I wouldn't have survived without you"

And more than that, simpler things
Like "I know man ur a true friend"
These things meant so much

I felt as though I were in a nightmare,
Like Scrooge
Until the spoke to me and I awakened into a dream

They made me ask... they made me think... they made me happy.

God damn, is this what I am?

It's a pretty damn good thing to be.

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