Friday, March 27, 2009


Lately I've been reading Creating Passionate Users, a blog about software and product design. It's very interesting. It's also taught me, oddly enough, about game design in some ways (which is appropriate, since I found it on anyway).
In particular, this image seems to apply to Simulationists, particularly those enjoying illusionistic play.
Also of interest is this post about creating a user community. I've always said that what I'm trying to do, RPG wise, is not create a single good game but to effect a community.
You may wonder why I'm saying this here and not on my game blog; I think this is a very interesting site, and people should go check it out. There's no new content, but there's enough of a backlog.
This picture is from CPU, as well, and it's all thanks to them. It's not mine, I'm just using it to show my point.

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