Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Point - Mazes - Love Point

The above is a "love point", a bit of punctuation proposed by some french guy in the 1960's but never really used anywhere.

I absolutely love it, though. I mean, it's perfect. Two people's confusion meeting on a single point to create something beautiful.


Weary worrisome wandering... curious, concerened, confused... I walk through this minoan madman's masterpeice fearing frightening ferocious battering bulls. Lost, lonely, laughless I seek something special, for at the center of the maddening motherfucking maze... You await.

I'd face bulls and kings and impossible mazes for you. I can't always help, but I always want to.


We're both messes. Both all questions and few answers. We both get confused.
Reminds me of the love point.

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