Friday, January 30, 2009


I rub
my hand across my lips
Still in disbelief

I smell
your perfume (?) and the smell of your car
It lingers now

I sigh
and cry, and am content
I was horrid


I feel
it was all I ever wanted
It to be

With someone
who cares about me
Who I care about

I know
this night will last forever
And I sleep happily

Saturday, January 24, 2009

October - January

When I think now of October, I think
Of Waiting For October (We're in the book - We'll be learning how to fly)
Of October In The Chair, and the story he told (The boy ran away - I understand him)

But mostly I think of your words
How you missed the October tones of his (her?) voice
How you shoved your window open and thrust your arms out to become October
How it smelled like October that day (How lovely it was!)
How you will be October

I think of when I met you
October then too,
I dreamed we'd be together forever
I dreamed we'd be together for a moment,
For that'd be enough

Now it's January,
And I've awoken from my dream (a nightmare?)
To find that it didn't happen -
Would never happen

And I'm ok with that
Or I will be
I accept
And cope
And look to move on

The associations will linger in my mind,
Is Hope
Is Sorrow

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weird Stuff

Some more weird stuff from my notebook.
Maybe some of it's interesting.

Writing Experiments

Some weird writing experiments from my notebook. If anyone's curious, I can explain them.

Funny Faces

A bunch of funny faces from my notebooks. Enjoy!

Album Covers

These are sketches from my notebook. I was in a phase of "Screw this IT business! I'm going to design Album Covers.". So yeah, these are crappy album covers!

Also, I don't know why my text is so big... Oh well!