Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Digital Life

My life is defined by staccato black-or-white keyboard noises
Character after character punctuated by punctuation or white-space
Poems and stories and games and thoughts all wrapped up in tiny black pixels
Or speaking some obscure language like: if open paren string first dot trim open-close paren dot length greater than 0... oh. Yeah.
Hobbyjoblife wrapped up in electronic one-oh-one-oh-one-one-one-oh words is my life.

"Look, the east is burning red!"

I'm tired of "No hope" and I'm tired of "No harm"
I'm tired of drawn out, worn out, half-cocked alarms
I'm burning like a roman candle, bright and blue in the eastern sky
I'm tired of walking this weary road - I'd much rather fly

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You want to sink, so I'm going to let you...

I need to stop falling for strangers
I need to stop falling like leaves
I need to stop falling in autumn
I need to stop falling in love
I need to stop writing poems that don't rhyme
I need to stop thinking these dreams
I need to stop dancing alone
I need to stop dreaming these thoughts
I need to stop feeling this burning
I need to stop falling for hope
I need to stop I need to stop
To stop
To stop
To stop