Sunday, January 4, 2009

WTF Is This? WTF Is This?

So, yeah! What the fuck is this, anyway?
It's a blog. I'm betting you're saying "No shit, HiQ, I couldn't tell by the fact that it says blog all up at the top of the page. Or that it says "" in my address bar."...

So maybe I should be a bit clear. Er.

This is a blog for all the stuff that doesn't fit on my other blog. Which is almost everything.
As the name might indicate, it's about music, disasters, how horrid it is to love people, humor, and how emo I am. Amongst other things.

Well, I'm not really emo. I don't dress emo or listen to much emo music. But I feel pretty damn emo sometimes.

So yeah. It's about books too, and comics. Maybe movies or TV if I ever watch either of those things.

Mostly, though, it's about my life. I'm not going to hold back. I'm going to say the shit I'm feeling and thinking. I won't refer to people by their real names (I'll use nicknames) but I may well talk about people. If you feel like something I've said is inaccurate or unfair, let me know. And if anything I say hurts any of you, also let me know.

And I like to swear. A lot. This is my area to be open, so if you don't like swearing you have two options: A) Convince me not to swear in a reasonable way. OR B) Fuck off.

I was inspired to write this blog by a few... well, one friend of mine and one person I hope is my friend but I'm not sure. They're some of the people that have affected me and inspired me the most in my life. We'll call them Cat and HS. I couldn't have made it this far without you, HS... And Cat, I wouldn't have thought to write this if you didn't write yours.

Anyhow, that's about it. One more thing, though. Feedback's important. I like to know people are reading this, and I want to know their reactions. I'm not going to hold back, and neither should you. If you don't feel like publicly responding, email me. But please do respond. That's all that'll make any of this worthwhile... Knowing my message is reaching people.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with and do not represent Gary Larson, Patrick O'Brian, Emandu Wilcox, Tre Hardson, Romye Robinson, Derrick Stewart, DJ Mark Luv, J-Swift, J Dilla, or William Shakespeare. All references are made with a point of homage and/or satire, or cultural reference. Don't sue me, guys? Plz? Kthx, bye!).

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