Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Day?

Just wanted to let you all know I had a pretty good day.

Went to doctors with mom, lunch around east side, school to drop off papers, and back home.

It was a nice adventure. Now I'm hanging around my house before I've got to go to work.

The rest of the week doesn't look so good, but I might hang out with Ms. Adverbs friday and I might hang out with Mr. Wislyn on saturday.

Of course, I might not get to do either of those things, which'd make me a sad puppy.

Last but not least, at my mom's doctors, there was the cutest picture ever. It had a clothesline, and hanging from the clothesline were socks, and in the socks were kittens.

Ash, you should've seen it! You'd've loved the pic.

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