Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 Things I Learned From The Internet In General

10 - No matter how bizarre, strange, disgusting, or otherwise unusual something is on the internet... you can easily find something to top it.
9 - Most people are DJs.
8 - SPlng + gramma issssssss owlways ahp2ional.
7 - If you're critical of the information received, the internet can actually be useful for gathering information.
6 - Everybody (including groups, organizations, and fictional people) has a website, or something close to it (blogs, myspace, etc... count here).
5 - Anything can be downloaded for free. Even a t-shirt.
4 - Email is one of the least-reliable communication methods ever.
3 - Someone, somewhere wants to see pictures of you naked. Even if you're fat and ugly like me.
2 - There are some pretty cool folks on the internet.
1 - Cats (sometimes dogs) in cute poses (with or without text) will always have a favorable result.

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