Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anthropomorphia 1

(This [unlike many of my works] is not about any real person. Instead it's the first of [what I hope will be] an ongoing series about the personification of abstract things - or at least non-human ones.)

I tell him about how I couldn't live without her.
How she fills me up, lifts me out of the waters that drown me.
I tell him about how good it is to pull her to me after too long apart.
I tell him about how I burn when she's away.
How I hurt when she's away.
I tell him about how she gives me energy.
Gives me hope.
Helps me go on in life.
I tell him how some people appreciate her, and some take her for granted...
And I tell him that everyone who knows her needs her.

He asks me who's so special to me. Why do I feel this way?
What is her name?

I tell him: "She is Breath"

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