Monday, February 2, 2009

The Road

"Let me tell you the story in the form of a dream,
I don't know why I have to tell it and don't know what it means,"

The boy looked out over the masses of people - divided, but prisoners all the same. His father's cane lay beside him as he caught his breath. "Is this", he said, "the only way... Unceasing toil and suffering? No... This will change. IT MUST CHANGE!".

(Fifteen Years Pass)

The man looks about him. The workers (prisoners still) in their masks, their beautiful unique faces hidden for the sake of life. He sees their pain and suffering, looks in the sky and sees his handiwork. He hears sirens in the distance and begins to weep quietly to himself, covering his face with his hand. Nobody hears him as he says, "This isn't what I wanted... I just... just wanted to make things better."

(Opening quote edited from Fort Minor's "Kenji". Title refers, of course, to the phrase "The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions". The pictures are from

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