Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Flames

I thought this one looked like the ghosts of dead clock faces. In a calculated murder of minutes, I point to the clock, so we smash it.

This one is a star, dying. The center is the explosion; outside is the stardust, pulled by invisible forces.


An abstract bouquet of roses.

I like the way the central ribbon starts out bright, but at the end turns into dust. Like life... For the crown of our life as it closes is darkness, the fruit thereof dust.

This one's funny. I imagined a bowl (the round shape at the bottom) floating in a space ship. And someone is trying to pour milk into it (the white cloud) for cereal, but it just... well, there's no gravity, so it doesn't work.

This one looks like a half-wreath, or a flower-crown. A tiara for a hippy queen?

This one makes me think of two angels dancing. I'm not sure why.

(Made using Apophysis and messing around a bit. Enjoy!)

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