Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Good Shepherd

The Real Live Preacher has done a fine job of capturing my thoughts on his latest post.
I know of only two people who read this, and one of you will probably disagree and the other won't really care, but it's really accurate to my feelings.

Real Live Preacher: The Day The World Changed

There are some good comments, too, but I've included this one by Elmer Ewing because I like it very much:

Thank you, Gordon. You have put it very well. I hear God saying something like this to me: “It’s mostly none of your business, this question of who worships me rightly, and who does not. Your business is to seek me and to find me, for I am seeking you, and I am seeking those you would judge. If I want to listen to their prayers, what concern is that of yours? Are you going to tell me that I cannot? Or if some prayers are an abomination to me, do I need you to tell me I must respond to them? Spend your time and energy instead on answering my call to you, and living accordingly. (There is room for a great deal of improvement in that.) You don’t know much, but you know enough to love other people, and to live lightly on the land, and to spend some time with me so you will do these things better. If you want to share your faith with others, fine; but be sure you are equally interested in opening yourself to their faith, or lack of it. And by the way, if you MUST draw a circle to exclude the ones you think I couldn’t possibly tolerate, make it a big, generous circle. Otherwise you might find yourself on the wrong side of the line.”

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