Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Sorrow found me when I was young / Sorrow waited, Sorrow won'

'm not sure why I'm posting here. I doubt it'll get read.
I guess I'm just in a mood.


I sometimes feel /
Like, like, like /
I'm not good /
For you /
Like, like /
Not right /
For you /
Sometimes, I /
Feel like /
Like, like /
I'm getting to /
A point /
Where I'm no fun /
Anymore /
Sometimes, I /
Feel like /
Like, like /
My dreams are /
Too broken /
For you /
Like, like /
Only forty /
Hours and getting /
'Free' are my /
Dreams anymore /
And you /
You're my only /
Real /
Dream any /
More, you /
And this stupid /
Black, stringed /
Beast /
A month's rent /
Forgotten for /
A dream /
I used to dream /
I could write /
Now /
Now, all my /
Line /
Breaks /
Seem ran /
Dumb /
And it all seems so /
What? /
So what? /
So cliche. /
So. /
So, I'm still /
Writing /
Still /
Fighting /
Still dreaming of /
You /
And if my dreams /
Are broken /
Well /
Your dreams /
Are broken /
Too /
And I can /
Not /
Fix them without /
You /
And you /
Cannot /
Fix them without /
Me /
So me /
And you /
I guess we're stuck /
Together /
As long as /
You /
Want me /
I want you /


  1. Though I was happy to see you finally write something here again, it also makes me sad. Don't ever feel like you're not good enough, or anything like that. You are way too hard on yourself. And I hope I don't make you feel like that. You're the only thing I ever want anymore. The only thing I'm sure of, that I need, that I love. And I do. I love you and want you and need you more than anything else ever. Maybe I don't show it enough. I dunno. I try my hardest to be good to you but I know I'm not good enough. But as long as you want me around, I'll be here.


  2. No, no, my silly, wonderful love. It's nothing you've done (or not done) that makes me feel that way. You make me feel amazing. I just can't shake the feeling that you deserve so much more and so much better. You do so much to show how much you love me and want me and need me. All the time. And you *are* good enough. You're so much more than I deserve, and I just wish I could be half as amazing and wonderful as *you* deserve. But if you want me, I'm yours. You know that. <3


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