Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In the time before time, there was God.
And God made Heaven, which was the Shining City, which was the place where the angels were. And the angels were the Sons of God and the Songs of God.
And God made the Chaos, which is the Wyld, which is the Darkness, which is all that that tempts and lurks at the edge of Creation.

And in the City which was Heaven, the angels danced with one another and within one another for they were all the Songs and the Song of God. And their dance became work and their work became play and work once more.

And their work made the Foundation, which was the place where all things were perfect in themselves and mighty and pure, and their work made the House, which was the World of men.

And in time was the Mystery and Justice and the Angels' Fall, which was Murder. And some Angels fell out, into the Chaos, and became the Demons, and the Demons created the Shadow of the Foundation, which was Hell.

And some Angels fell in, into the Foundation and the House, and they were the Grigori. And they were the Watchers of men, who were not of Heaven nor of Hell, and each watched over some thing. And they danced and moved the Spheres, which are the domains of all things, and thus they moved the House.

And the Grigori danced and watched the world of men, and it was good in the eyes of God. And they were the Guardians of the boundaries between the House and the Foundation, and they had the stars for their fires, and they were many.

And, in time, the Grigori who were the Sons (and also Daughters, for they were neither and both Man and Woman) saw the daughters and sons of Man, whom were mortals, and saw that they were beautiful. And the Grigori went among the mortals and made them their wives and husbands.

And the children of the Watchers and the mortals were the Grigori, and they were men but more then men, and they were gifted with the dance of the Spheres and the birthright to walk the Foundation.

And that was many ages ago, and that was how it started.

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