Sunday, June 7, 2009

We were set apart

"And when we were made we were set apart, and life is a test and I get bad marks." - Brand New

Ours is the exile.
Ours is passion, madness, beauty, sorrow.
Ours is to be unusual, outside, strange, different.
Ours is to be so uniquely amazing and terribly alive that the world shies away from us - we, in turn, feel the world's pain.

We are actors, artists, lovers, writers, poets.
We are, almost entirely, alone.
I hope we can be unalone, together.

They've taken love from me. They've taken happiness and safety and peace, too.

They took it all so I might suffer as they did, as they do.

Now, they've taken even sorrow, and that pain.

When I think of you, wonderful and beautiful and potentialful and lifeful, I think I can find that again.

Will you remind me what it is to dream?


Dedicated to EEM. Quack.

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